Comprehensive Naturopathic Health Care



Aims to bridge the gap between conventional and naturopathic medicine so that patients can fully understand their health conditions & all their options. Analysis of a patient's previous lab and imaging results, as well as referrals to appropriate health practitioners may also be conducted.


Lifestyle Counseling

Lifestyle Counseling


Include recommendations about stress management, sleep, physical activity, outdoor exposure, and mental-emotional health. Helping patients adopt fun in their lives is also an integral part.


Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition


Recommendations often includes an individualized eating plan and the use of vitamins, minerals & other supplements in therapeutic dosages to enhance cellular and tissue function. Intramuscular (IM) and intravenous (IV) vitamin injections may be used to accelerate the healing process. Nutrient deficiency evaluation using nutritional analysis is also available.


Herbal (Botanical) Medicine

Botanical Medicine


Includes the use of standardized medicinal plants & extracts in teas, pills or tinctures. Herbal medicines are essential for the healing and recuperation of both chronic and acute diseases. Individualized liquid herbals (tinctures) are made at the time of the appointment to match the patient’s unique condition. 


Heavy Metal Removal

clinical detox

A safer approach by optimizing liver, digestive and kidney function to excrete heavy metals using biotherapeutic drainage and herbal medicine approach. Heavy metal toxicity evaluation is conducted and oral (DMSA) or IV (EDTA, DMPS) chelation is used if necessary.

Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Therapy 



When specially prepared nutrients are delivered intravenously, they bypass the liver and digestive organs allowing 100% of the nutrients to circulate and be directly available to the cells, tissues, and organs of your body. As a result, IV vitamin therapy can be a safe and effective boost to your personalized naturopathic treatment plan. 

Intravenous Treatments for Cancer Care

IV VItamin C for Cancer, Moncton, New Brunswick


Intravenous (IV) therapy can also be a very important component in cancer care. For example, IV vitamin C is a very important therapy that increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation, as well reducing side-effects and improving quality of life. Other intravenous cancer therapies include IV alpha lipoic acid (IV ALA), IV mistletoe (Helixor),  IV artesunate, IV ozone, IV curcumin, IV DCA, and many more.

Regenerative Pain Injections

Prolozone_PainNeural Prolotherapy (perineural injection technique) - a series of micro-injections targeted at reducing pain caused by nerve irritation and inflammation.

Neural therapy - a nervous system regulation therapy with injections targeting interference fields to relieve pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

Prolotherapy - is a regenerative injection therapy that treats chronic pain due to ligament and tendon instability or injury and the resulting joint, muscle, nerve, and structural dysfunctions.

Prolozone therapy - is a regenerative injection therapy that treats chronic pain by supplying the injured tissue with activated oxygen and the vitamins/mineral/nutrients it needs to repair itself.

Others: Includes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, acupuncture (see details below), hydrotherapy, biopuncture, naturopathic chiropractic adjustments, TCM cupping, trigger point and myofascial release, and therapeutic stretching and exercise prescription.


Biotherapeutic drainage


Biotherapeutic drainage is a European form of medicine derived from plants and minerals. These remedies promote a return to normal physiological function thereby creating long-lasting changes in health.




Traditional Chinese Medicine is an elegant, time-honored system of medicine that respects the energetic as well as physical aspect to our being. Acupuncture helps to restore the normal and smooth flow of the body's healing energy and directs this energy to the areas that require it the most. By combining the art and science of Chinese medicine, acupuncture can be skillfully applied to almost every condition. 


Therapeutic Massage & Kinesiology:


General       general health & wellbeing, stress reduction, prevention, maintenance, relaxation

Specific:         injury specific, rehabilitation, chronic pain, overuse injuries, degenerative

conditions, pathology, pregnancy, palliative care, musician care, sports

performance, ergonomics, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Work Related Injuries